NVOCC’s Receive A High-Tech Boost

NVOCC Freight Forwarder“It utilized to be all the NVOCC required was a phone and a tariff.”

Says 1 long time shipping industry observer, “but no more.”

Though NVOCCs may be “shipping lines without ships,” these days they have to jump through most of the same hoops as actual shipping lines, whilst customers look for them to provide an ever broadening arrange of services. Stepping up to help them is Info-X Software program Technology.

Primarily based in Gurgaon, the higher-tech center of India, outside New Delhi, Info-X is searching to dramatically expand its business in the U.S. It is focusing on its expanding markets of NVOCCs and freight forwarders who can acquire major benefits of price reduction and sales development by utilizing back-workplace solutions. Info-X is also expanding into other essential sectors of the industry, such as warehousing and trucking.

“To date, we have been steadily growing our company with U.S. NVOCCs and freight forwarders by delivering high-quality, low-cost goods, which have resulted in loyal, long-term partnerships,” stated Rishi Parti, Director, Info-X, at a current media roundtable in Newark, NJ. “We strategy to leverage the achievement accomplished by our existing customers as we take a much more aggressive method to the U.S. marketplace, significantly increasing awareness of our goods and solutions, which can be applied to all areas of the business.”

In addition, Mr. Parti noted: “Information-X has taken a major stride this year creating strategic investments and is partnering with other U.S.-primarily based software providers with complementary products and services.”

Because 2001, Info-X has organically grown its business from a 3-man group to 150 fully trained employees and has expanded its operations to 15 countries. It operates from a newly constructed, $5 million, 20,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility with a robust infrastructure in Gurgaon.

It attributes its development to consistently supplying goods and solutions that increase productivity and reduce expenditures for its customers and demonstrating a full understanding of the complexities impacting the transportation business, particularly these brought on by the ever-changing marketplace, expansion of geographical territories and increased regulations.

In addition to becoming a tariff publisher with the FMC, Information-X provides finish-to-end back-workplace services as nicely as a complete suite of logistic software program solutions for the entire company chain, such as rate filing, carrier contract management, bill of lading entries, arrival notice entries, auditing, AES/CAED filing and cargo tracking. The business provides a fully responsive system to keep up with the continuous updates, elevated volumes, new regulations and complex operational issues.

To increase its presence in the U.S, Information-X will focus on 4 key locations:

Carrier Contract and Price Quote Management: The company’s rate quote management system has seen customers improve sales by 7% upon implementing the method. It offers customers with a streamlined procedure that collects, stores, tracks and manages quotes, making a continuously updated price matrix that facilitates live price quotes. Information-X does not just offer a framework it also supports the client and guarantees accuracy by handling all aspects of the information entry, including normal updates by its back-workplace assistance executives.

“I recognized a need to offer a higher-productivity/low price solution to price management, which is usually a stressful, tedious procedure. Our rate quote management method radically changes the way our customers deal with this piece of the business, freeing up the sales force and growing revenues,” stated Mr. Parti.

To additional accommodate its customers, particularly these in the U.S., Information-X recently launched the mobile application for the cloud-primarily based system, which will offer easy accessibility through all mobile devices.

NVOCC Upgraded

“Our clients rely on our method to rapidly access and track the ever-altering rates and get updates on contracts and expiration dates. With the mobile nature of today’s U.S. sales force, making it accessible on their hand-held devices was an all-natural subsequent step,” said Mr. Parti. “Our commitment to making this the most consumer-friendly price management system is the purpose we have an 80% conversion price. Once we introduce the advantages of the system to a potential client, it is very hard to resist.”

Back-Workplace Assistance: The initial India-based business to provide back-office support to the transportation industry, Information-X provides teams of 150 experts to handle all information entry and processing, cargo tracking, tariff management, accounting and company coordination, resulting in 250,000 transactions per month. This allows the client’s sources to be re-allocated and utilized in a more productive capacity.

Invisible to the end-customer, Information-X back-office employees functions on U.S. time and provide 24/7 on-line assistance. The method provides genuine-time global collaboration with requests submitted in the evening becoming worked on overnight and in the client’s inbox the subsequent morning. All reports bear the name of the client and are distributed from a client-specific e-mail address. Further, Info-X ensures all data is protected with an elaborate safety system.

“With technologies available today, it is no longer essential to use time searching via the current, antiquated, time-consuming systems, which drain manpower,” stated Mr. Parti. “More than ever, there is substantial pressure to provide each earnings and customer satisfaction in extremely tight timeframes. At Information-X, we not only do we do it quicker and less expensive, but with the sophistication of our systems, we often do it better.”

Customized Software Solutions: Rather than approach customers with a “boxed,” pre-packaged software solution method, Info-X collaborates with them to develop a customized system that meets their specific needs. As an FMC tariff publisher, Info-X offers clients with skilled software program developers, each equipped with a keen understanding of all supply chain modes, such as carriers, providers, customers and government agencies.

“Why would anyone anticipate a 1-size-fits-all system to work when every business is so different?” says Mr. Parti. “Our method is particularly effective for little-to-midsize companies, which have the flexibility to produce a system that functions best for their team, their culture and their business.”

Advertising/U.S. Investments: To date, Info-X has grown its company through word-of-mouth. To improve brand awareness and cement itself as a player in the U.S. marketplace, Information-X has hired BSY Associates, a leader in advertising and PR in the transportation industry. In addition, Information-X has established a sales workplace in Virginia.

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