Preparation Tasks

  • Determine Optimal N.A.P. for Location (Name Address Phone)
  • Obtain Local Area Code Phone Number
  • Obtain and/or Create Media Rich Content (i.e. Promo Video & Photos)
  • Obtain and Spin Original or Create From Ground-up Description and Features Text Content

Phase 1


Local SEO Google Map Ranking

a. Competitor Research

b. Keyword Research

c. Local Citation NAP Building Process (Goal of 30-50 accurate citations)

Phase 2


Google PPC Campaign Optimization

a. Load Top Money KW's Into Google AdSense Campaign

b. Create 1 Responsive Image Display Ad, and Make The Rest Text Ads

c. Monitor Keywords Performance

d. Re-optimize Campaign Once Adequate Data Is Gathered

Phase 3


Organic Google Search Keyword Ranking

a. Attack Highest Volume KW's, as well as any "Low Hanging Fruit"

b. Create Blog Posts That Serve As A Resource To These KW's

c. Monitor KW's Performance & Ranking Via Google Search Console & Rank Tracking Software (Both Local Rankings and Standard)

d. Social Share To Top Social Network Sites, And Build RELEVANT Backlinks