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A Curtainside Trailer is generally a flatbed with an upper structure mounted to the flatbed as a tarping system. There are two kinds of curtainside trailers, the Conestoga and the Tautliner. Both trailers are of the flatbed range and both are covered with a tarp system or drape which can easily be moved out of the method, therefore providing ready access to the trailer for packing freight. The benefits and drawbacks are discussed below.

Conestoga curtainside trailers make use of a sliding tarp system. In principle, this system works very much like an accordion. When pulled forward, the tarp exposes the flatbed providing gain access to for side, rear and overhead loading. The primary downside of the Conestoga curtainside in contrast to a Tautliner curtainside trailer, is that the drape structure makes the trailer up to 107″ broad on the outside and allows an optimum of 102″ clearance for the trailers cargo. The Conestoga curtainside trailer demands a rigorous adherence to the 102″ restriction of its cargo. If the product is at or near 102″ broad and is misplaced or occurs to move a little in transit, the system can not be opened or closed.

The Tautliner curtainside is a flatbed trailer containing a front, a roofing system and rear doors, just like a van, yet having side curtains that slide like a shower drape. The Tautliner curtainside’s primary downside when weighed versus the Conestoga remains in the limiting aspect concerning the capability to fill its cargo from overhead. The framework of the moving drapes prohibit overhead loading of the freight. Nevertheless, the Tautliner trailer has a lot more versatility in hauling products higher than 102 inches because it permits space for mistake in packing its freight.

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