Flatbed Truck Rates: Get The Best Flatbed Trucking Quotes

Getting The Lowest Flatbed Truck Rates

A flatbed truck can deliver practically anything, and particularly at our affordable flatbed truck rates!

Flatbed Truck Rates | Best Flatbed Trucking Quotes

Flatbed Trucking Quotes That Makes Sense

Nevertheless, as it has been uncovered, it isn’t really suitable for items which components could be easily damaged although we can offer tarps to protect your freight. Numerous types of freight can be loaded up onto a flatbed with the only scare being if the load is possibly too big, or too wide for an enclosed dry van trailer.

The most common freight shipping uses of flatbed trucks include:

  • Big machinery and devices, consisting of tractors, backhoes, bulldozers, excavators, forklifts, compactors and other farming, construction, manufacturing and warehousing devices
  • Formed concrete products, lumber, building materials, large beams, or trusses
  • Freight surpassing 100″ in Height or 100″ in width in addition to Vehicles and other cars
  • Any sort of freight that needs to be top or side filled by crane, wench, roll off platform, forklift, etc

Flatbed truck measurements differ depending upon the particular truck and trucking type, where tractor-trailer sized flatbeds are typically between 48′ and 53′ in length. The standard width is 8′ x 6″, although this can extend approximately 11′ x 0″. Flatbed trucks that carry loads broader than 11′ may require an escort lorry; most states require this if a load is broader than 11′ x 6″ in width. A basic flatbed truck can haul as much as 48,000 pounds. For heavier loads, please contact us for details.

Flatbed trucks are a requirement for extra-large deliveries like those found in building, energy, agriculture, and flatbed truck shipments are incredibly popular. They are an inexpensive kind of freight shipping, along with standard tractor-trailers that can give a great “bang for the buck”.

Flatbed Truck Rates: Will A Flatbed Trucking Quote Be Affordable For My Delivery?

Flatbed Truck Rates QuotesWe genuinely have the most affordable flatbed price estimates in the business, which is why we’ve made it so easy to obtain an instant, no-obligation quote. By navigating over to our California Flatbed Trucking Quote Site, you can get a quick and trustworthy quote for your next flatbed truck delivery. Simply choose “flatbed truck rates” from the list of trucking rate types if you’re quoting for a full truckload, and after that fill in the origin of the delivery and the destination, the weight and volume of the shipment and the type of products that are being delivered. From there you are simply minutes from your flatbed rate quote, which can be quickly developed into an order by calling us and verifying delivery.

Depending on the products, equipment or devices that you’re preparing to transport, a flatbed truck may or may not be the best type of truck to satisfy your shipping requirements. If you are uncertain if a flatbed is your best option, merely search our trucking trailer types or give us a call at (866) 899-6104.

Flatbed trucking is a crucial service to our economy and all the industries that operate within it. This is why every day there are countless products, equipment and goods delivered across the country on flatbed trucks. We here at Ready Fleet and California Flatbed Trucking are proud to be an important part of that system.

If you’re looking for a flatbed rate, or flatbed trucking quote then get a quote quickly on our site or offer us a call. If you aren’t knowledgeable about flatbed trucking, read the concerns and answers below for more information on the size of flatbed trucks, exactly what they are used for, why you would require one and how much they cost.

Freight Company Rates vs. Flatbed Trucking Quotes

There are two methods to employ a flatbed truck:

  1. Directly through a flatbed trucking carrier
  2. And indirectly by means of freight logistics companies

Lots of services, regardless of size, improperly presume that going direct with a flatbed-trucking carrier is the more economical alternative. They presume that’s the best method available, cutting out any middlemen. Although, that “intermediary” (i.e. the logistics business) can really save you a considerable amount of money and time. California Flatbed Trucking is able to offer our large volume of freight capacity at a lower tier of prices than you might be able to negotiate by yourself. Even big-time services that have routine freight shipping requirements can recognize expense savings by taking advantage of our incredible bulk discount rates. Cross docking, transloading, curtainside trailer/vans available, beat the Califonia Bridge Laws with our specialized services today!

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