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In 2009, a trucker named Jason Rivenburg was shot by a man who stole $7 from him. Compelled to stop in a deserted corner store when he got to be drained, Jason turned into the casualty of a fierce wrongdoing. Unfortunately there are different stories like this one; it’s not the first occasion when this has happened nor was it the last. It’s been 7 years since the homicide of Jason Rivenburg, and even after a law has been passed, would we be able to say that much has been done to address this issue? As indicated by a late report from the Federal Highway Administration, 72% of states reported having issues with truck parking. What is bringing about the shortage of truck parking?

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There are two or three components that could play into this…

HOS Rules For Truck Parking

With the hours of administration guidelines set up, truckers will be unable to discover parking when the check runs out. In an article by Fleet Owner, one trucker said that the nearest safe parking to his planned goal was 15 miles away. In movement, that separation could be up to 45 minutes. On account of HOS principles, this 45 minutes could bring about a trucker to go over his or her apportioned time. The effect of hours of administration standards on truck parking is bringing on numerous truckers to stop in perilous ranges, as along parkways, interstates, off-ramps and surrendered parts.

Joliet Truck Parking ChicagoLack Of Truck Parking Stops

The United States experienced a retreat in 2008. Amid this time, trucks out and about diminished and numerous truck stops had a larger number of spaces than trucks. Two or three years after, the economy lifted move down and additionally the quantity of trucks out and about. In any case, truck stops haven’t made up for lost time to the interest, making an absence of safe parking at truck stops.

Joliet Trailer Parking ChicagolandSo What’s The Solution To The Truck Parking Shortage?

After the disaster including Jason Rivenburg in 2009, enactment jumped out at increment accessible, safe parking for truckers through Jason’s Law. The law was passed in 2012 giving more than $6 million to put toward the development of safe truck parking.

In 2015, the National Coalition on Truck Parking was made through the Federal Highway Administration to address this lack. The coalition met in the fall of 2015 after the review consequences of Jason’s Law affirmed the absence of safe parking accessible. Amid this meeting, the coalition characterized a few obstructions and chances to achieving a definitive objective.

The United States Department of Transportation led a Beyond Traffic consider and inferred that by 2040 the measure of cargo moving in this nation will increment by 45 percent. Along these lines, the truck parking issue should be tended to route before we get to that point.

Numerous truck stops are growing their spaces and giving truckers the alternative of “saving” spots. Be that as it may, this can cost cash, and ought to a trucker need to pay for his or her security? Another choice for truckers is the huge box stores that occasionally given truckers a chance to stop in their parking parcels. A considerable lot of their parking parcels can hold that measure of weight, since cargo is coming in and out always, However, not all enormous box stores have the same strategies. While some are inviting to huge apparatuses, others dismiss them. This is not generally a suitable choice, so it can’t be the main arrangement.

All things considered the coalition shaped, Truckers Had Enough has made a video making more consciousness of the truck parking issue.


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