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Every one of our nationwide locations, offers a complete selection of warehousing services and solutions. We also can develop new facilities anywhere in the United States to service your warehousing needs. Current locations are listed below:

California Warehousing

California Warehousing

Our California Warehouse Locations Fresno Los Angeles Oakland Ontario Sacramento San Diego San Francisco San Jose Stockton About Ready Fleet California Warehousing Ready Fleet delivers a complete selection of warehousing services, that are fully customizable by the customer, and are paired with value-added transportation and storage services including Truckload & LTL Transportation, Pick & Pack, Drayage, and a highly qualified supply chain logistics warehousing team to assist in the planning and optimization of a customer’s total supply chain. Ready Fleet’s warehouses are kept clean and well lit. Security Cameras cover the entire facility to ensure the safety and security of

Having a rock solid distribution and warehousing strategy is absolutely critical to your success in today's worldwide business environment. Ready Fleet's warehousing services can lessen your stock levels and coordinations costs. Our vital warehousing areas joined with best in class forms and frameworks guarantee cost-productive circulation arrangements. After putting 20+ years into the warehousing business, we have discovered that we should always search for approaches to enhance frameworks and procedures keeping in mind the end goal to improve our administration, bring down cost and help our client develop.

In today's tumultuous economy, adroit entrepreneurs are dependably vigilant for approaches to cut expenses without bargaining execution or dependability. An undeniably prevalent way many organizations have fulfilled this is by outsourcing their warehousing and distribution needs to an outsider organization. Ready Fleet Warehousing and Storage would be pleased to furnish your business with distribution and warehousing administrations.

How Businesses Benefit from Third-Party Warehousing and Distribution

Why consider 3pl warehousing administrations? For one thing, you no longer need to stress over the expenses connected with purchasing or leasing business distribution center space. Also, joining forces with Ready Fleet implies you can rely on knowing precisely where your warehoused products are at any given minute. Third, you can assume that your clients will keep on getting their conveyances convenient.

Here are many more advantages...

  • Administration can concentrate more on giving enhanced administrations and items
  • Decrease work costs connected with taking care of, putting away, and delivery products in-house
  • Disentangle stock coordinations by keeping all items in one place
  • Evade costly distribution center office costs, service bills, and property charges
  • A devoted purpose of contact for all stock and distribution matters
  • Expanded cost funds can be reinvested over into your organization, or kept as a cradle to counterbalance future crises
  • Get the Distribution Support Your Business Needs

When you band together with Ready Fleet for your warehousing and distribution needs, you can at long last return to concentrating on what's most imperative—developing and enhancing the center administrations your business gives to your group.

Warehousing Services StorageHere are some extra elements of 3rd party outsourcing your distribution needs...

  • Shorter shipment times can build client bliss and advance reliability.
  • Expanded shipment visibility
  • Exploit cost reserve funds through volume shipping rebates
  • Lowered risk

Additional Warehousing and Distribution Details

Shared Operation

Sharing space makes warehousing more reasonable for organizations that need less or more adaptable space. Get what you require, when you require it, without paying for additional.

Dedicated Operations

When you require devoted distribution center space and operations, an accomplished 3PL accomplice can bring down expenses and enhance efficiencies by overseeing it for you.

Cross DockingCross-Docking

Our groups have been running effective cross-docks for over 30 years to expand speed to advertise, diminish cost, and enhance benefit. Oversee and drive business development with adaptable stockpiling, get together, and appropriation space. Cross-docking is the craft of emptying cargo from an inbound vehicle and instantly stacking it into outbound vehicles. Ready Fleet has been effectively running, and continually enhancing, cross-docks for over 30 years. We have most as of late enhanced remote advancements, dock formats, and procedures for more productive and exact following and cross-docking. Cross-docking cargo permits us to sort approaching cargo to various goals, or join item to one last goal. This practice gets your item to showcase quicker, and diminishes costs by utilizing less stockroom space and less work. Cross-docking is particularly useful for organizations that need a substantial volume moved rapidly and precisely.


Ready Fleet's distribution center innovation arrangements incorporate stockroom, work and yard administration frameworks to deal with all features of an operation.

We use different WMS advances and modify an answer that best matches our client's business. Also, incorporating with Ready Fleet is simple utilizing any of the most widely recognized mix approaches.

Integrated Warehouse Solutions

Venture into new markets with certainty, control your stock conveying costs effortlessly, and suit occasional vacillations without the typical stretch. Furthermore, when you require extra 3PL administrations, our incorporated coordinations approach can help consistently scale your business.

Manage and drive solid business growth with dynamic storage, distribution, and assembly space!


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